Day-care Dress-up Box Costume Sets Girls 10 Pce Set 25% Discount

AUD $450.00

Our 10 Piece Dress Collection is a Pre-selected Package that has been thoughtfully chosen for your Childcare Dress-up Box.
With a normal Retail price of $602.00 we have added a 25% Discount that brings it to a total of $450.00 Which is a total saving of $152.00 plus free delivery .(Free Delivery Australia Only) (Sizes are all chosen for day-care age groups)
Our beautiful costumes have been passed down from one generation to the next.We are very proud of the quality of our garments.They have been made to last!!! 
(Accessories not Included)
Children throughout the ages have enjoyed dressing up in costumes and engaging in dramatic roleplaying. Whether your child is a dragon, a princess, or a fairy, your child's imagination will be full of beautiful creative expression and although it may appear to you as just play, when your child dons that cape, crown, or pirate’s eye-patch, his or her brain is developing in more ways than you can imagine. As early childhood educators know, play is the work of the child, and children benefit cognitively, physically, socially, and emotionally through dress-up play.

By allowing children to act out through dress-up and role playing, we are helping their emotional development.


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