I was your early morning visitor at the QVM yesterday morning before heading back to Adelaide and I just want to let you know my daughter has just recieved her dress,wand,purse and garland ,together with the wings and she is jumping out of her skin.

I hung the dress up on her wardrobe and she went into her bedroom to get changed after school and turned around,clothes in hand and literally gasped,dropped her clothes and has not stopped grinning!! I have taken some pics if you want to see them! Thank you for making a little girls day and making this mummy so happy to see my little girl smiling so much.



I would like to thank you for the most amazing fairy dress/outfit I have seen yet and at such a reasonable price!! My daughter Saree loves her 'special dress' and the comments are amazing! I would have to say that the website is great however does not do these dresses justice!! Its a credit to you the intricate detail and time that goes into each and every one of them!! We have recently taken some photos out in the garden,which look fantastic, and I would love to be able to share these with you.The comments on Facebook are coming every day! Look forward to hopefully sharing our photos with you.

Many thanks again



I recently bought one of your princess swan fucia and green/outfits from you at the Melbourne Vic Markets for my 3 year old. Yesterday was Princess Disney on Ice so she decided she wanted to wear her outfit!The comments we go were absolutely outstanding! Thank you for making this most beautiful dress and giving my little one such joy. I am now looking to see what other one I can buy!!   

Keep up the good work.

Hi Krista

I missed this item when I was in the middle of making my purchase at the marrket.Could I save it and offer it to my 'big' girl who is busily saving for her next great purchase? She's already brought a couple of outfits at the market and loves them to death and I know she has her eye on the ladybug dress at the moment... It's Great that your on line now- much easier than having to drive all the way to Melbourne!

Thanks Rebecca

Hi there

Im so glad you are finally on line.We live in Adelaide and I put my name down to be informed of your website at Easter last year, so Im really pleased my details have been kept.My daughter has a pink and green dress that she has worn hundreds of times and it has worn so well.I just chuck it in the washing machine and it comes out beautifully.Now I can finally get the matching wings and shoes...

One problem though... now I have a second daughter.Oh dear... where to start.

Great to see you on line Kristen x


Thank you so much  for keeping my email.Its been at least two years since I brought from you and I have passed on your web site to all my contacts in Dunsborough WA.A couple of them are dance teachers so hopefully they will pass it onto their class's.As all the young children are encouraged to dress up as fairies for the class. I hope you have alot of helpers because this is something which will take off in Dunsborough. 

The web site is great-easy to use and very gorgeous!

Kind regards
Julie Crane

Hi Krista,

My daughter Isabelle absolutely loves her new Rainbow dress.  She wears it constantly and I have to bribe her to take it off.  I must say the colours are fabulous and I cannot miss her in a crowd.  I will definitely be back for more.

Penny Scoda, Darwin

Hi Krista,

Just wanted to say thank you for the great wings we purchased on our last holiday to Melbourne.  All the kids on the street want the same pair as my daughters now.  Can't wait for you to go online.

Tracy Rogers